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Helping Parents Help Their Children with Math Homework

            In this article in Teaching Children Mathematics, Regina Mistretta (St. John’s University/New York) shares strategies for getting parents involved in their children’s math learning. Here are questions that parents can ask their children if they are struggling with math homework:

-    What problem are you working on?

-    What do the directions say?

-    What words or directions don’t you understand?

-    Where do you think you should begin?

-    What do you already know that can help you work through the problem?

-    What have you done so far?

-    Do you have similar problems to look at?

-    Can you draw a picture or make a diagram?

-    Can you explain what the teacher asked you to do?

-    Can you tell me where you are stuck?


“‘We Do Care,’ Say Parents” by Regina Mistretta in Teaching Children Mathematics, May 2013 (Vo. 19, #9, p. 572-580), www.nctm.org

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